Repurchase: A path to making the users’ lives easier 🤗 🍛

Ryda Rashid
3 min readApr 12, 2023
Due to privacy concerns, the project has been revised.

Like to order the same food? This one’s for you.

This time, we’d like to introduce you to the feature that’ll be helping our users on a more “predictable” side and also boosting our chance to turn normal customers to super loyal ones.

We want to do so by encouraging the users to order the same food easier and faster than before with our repurchase feature.

The research

First, let’s take a look at some of our users’ behaviour a bit. We asked our users, and these are what we found out:

1. Some users have a specific time to order the same food
2. Some users regularly order the same food because it’s convenient
3. Some users want to explore different dishes in the same categories.

Comments from our users
Some of our users love to order the same thing over and over again

The persona

After conducting the research, we concluded that this type of customer is a habitual person. And we created a persona called Habitual Helen.

Persona: Habitual Helen

For Habitual Helen, our current flow’s taking a bit too long for her to order the same thing. It takes more than 3 minutes just to buy the meal she often orders.

To find the menu she wants, she needs to go to the food categories, type on a search bar or go to the “My Orders” page. Then, depending on the list of items that she sees, she needs to decide which one to order.

That’s a lot of pain points just to get the same food one more time

  1. Helen cannot find her previous food that she ordered easily
  2. It’s difficult for Helen to track down where to order the same food from.

The solution

You know the problems, now we need to find the solution. From the pain point of our persona here are some of the “How might we” questions that we have.

How might we improve the accessibility of her previous purchase order information?”

How might we shorten the path to repurchase and avoid exploration since Helen is already familiar with her food?”

After several round of ideation sessions, design iterations and a bunch of design reviews, we have our proposed solutions.

Repurchase widget

We put a new repurchase feature on our food homepage, displaying the list of their past orders in an “Order again” section on the top part of the screen.

This is to provide the fastest and most efficient path for returning users, they can simply select the list of their past orders to add to their cart and pay.. No need to take a detour, less time spent looking and searching the sea of food for that same old menu, hooray!

To express how easy this is, let’s hear from one of our users from the usability testing: “It just makes my life easier to go through this ‘Order again’ section”.

Repurchase flow

The next steps

Currently, we’re delivering the design for the first phase. Following the release, we’ll measure this feature and determine what needs to be improved so it can be enhanced even further.

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